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Legend of Pirate

Legend of Pirates is a classic pirate-themed MMORPG.

Its many features let you do whatever you want to build your pirate empire.

Rob other ships, fight to occupy ports, engage in global trade, explore and look for treasure and become the King of the Ocean!

All of your favorite pirate groups are here, too!

We’re bringing pirate games pack!


Guild Port War: You can’t own the world unless you own the ports first. It’s a symbol of honor and power to have ports under your control, not to mention the sizable income.

Captain: Legendary captains come with powerful talents and skills. Specific captains can also trigger special fusion skills when played together.

Astrolabe: A must-have for traveling by sea. Enhances captain skills, too!

Trade: One of the most important ways to make money in the game is to sell specialties from one land to another. Open a reasonable trade route to maximize your profit and enjoy the exotic landscapes along the way.

Battle: To become a legendary pirate, you must defeat many others through Academy, Elite Dungeons, Arena, Journeys and Challenges.

Visuals: Created by an experienced art team, the game is full of epic graphics, impeccable details and excellent special effects!

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