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Rise of President

Rise of President is a role-playing game for the presidential theme, in which you will experience the real presidential campaign, how to get the support of the people step by step, and climb the peak of power. Right now, compete with your powerful political opponents, show your political talent and realize your political ambitions!

Game Features:

Real and cruel presidential campaign

-Only the strong have a voice. Constantly expand your influence to increase your winning chips

-Countless strong opponents are waiting to compete with you in the campaign

Writing romantic love stories

-Encounter beautiful ladies of different classes, and use your charm to capture their hearts

-Raise your children, and develop them into excellent social elites

Forming a large campaign team

-Use your eye to discover talented persons, and then let them be your arm

-Train your team to make them indestructible

Governing the country with your wisdom

-Develop economy, agriculture and military to make your country stronger

-Make important strategic decisions that will lead to different development paths

We look forward to witnessing the birth of a great president and a great era.

If you have any doubts in the game, please feel free to contract us via facebook or email

Facebook: @GAMEROP